The Saskatoon real estate market update. The Saskatoon real estate market is not burning to the ground. If you listen to the media headlines you’d swear things were really really bad. However the facts tell a slightly less dire tale.

Listing and new listings are down which is typical for our summer. People have better things to do. Expired listings in the Saskatoon real estate market are still elevated and Saskatoon realtors are reporting fewer sales. A sure sign if a cooling. Interest rates have knee capped a few buyers and have had a fairly significant affect on the high end market. $500,000+. That market is cooled significantly. Overall if you need to list a Saskstoon home pricing and presentation are paramount. Hire a professional and insist on all hands (tools) on deck. If you need to buy and home and are qualified then it’s only going to get easier. Have questions… shoot me a dm.


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Summer time where the living is easy and the saskatoon real estate market goes on autopilot the stats this month show at minimum, we're leveling out or worse, a slowdown for five months in a row. Now we've seen an increase to new listings month, over month, over month adding more inventory to the market.

And in fact, from the month of may to june, we've seen a 10% increase of new listings. But interestingly enough sales were down 1%. So you can see that more listings coming onto the market and sales are slowing. Here's an interesting stat, expired listings are up 30%. That's a listing that's been on the market and has failed to sell.

That's a pretty red flag. If you ask me, 30% is a big increase and expired listings. So what does this mean if you're a seller or a buyer, well, if you're going to sell a home that expired listing stat should give you some pause. You need to adjust your perspective and realize that we need to price your home off of where the market is going, not where the market has been because it's changing.

But there's still some really great strategies out there right now to get your home sold fast. If you're a buyer now is a perfect time to get into the market for a couple of reasons, interest rates are still predicted to go up. So you want to get in and lock in that rate as low as you can.

And as you can see, sales have slowed inventories return to the market, meaning you as a buyer now have some opportunity to negotiate deeper discounts on those houses where you might not have in the spring, here's an interesting tidbit prices are up 15% from where they were pre pandemic.

If you have any questions or concerns about the market, if there's anything else in this world that I can do to serve you, please reach out to me, because, as always, I'm just happy to help.

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The Saskatoon real estate market is in a weird place right now. 

The headlines would suggest the market is nuts but the stats don’t line up. 

Sales are down 20% from this time last year and new listings are down 30% in Saskatoon. 

Buyer demand is still very strong on the east-side with almost half the houses selling over list price. 

As always if you have questions about the Saskatoon real estate market reach out to me. 
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Some major news that affects real estate investors in Canada. 2 significant changes are on the horizon that will have terribly sad consequences for beginner investors in Canada who are looking to build a retirement or passive income using real estate.

A change to the minimum down payment and a change to where down payment funds can come from.

You have questions? I have answers. Follow me for more.
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The Saskatoon real estate market for March 1, 2022 has. a little fake news to dispel. The national housing market it often quoted in the media. But Saskatoons market is nothing like the national average. The Saskatoon real estate market is definitely brisk, strong, healthy and robust all while being manageable for both buyers and seller.

1. Prices nationally are up like 28% and the average house costs more than $800,000. Here in Saskatoon prices are up about 6-7% and the average house price is around $350,000.

2. Buyer demand. Buyer demand is high but we are not in a bubble. Prices are stable and buyers still have selection of good houses to choose from.

If you have any questions for me i'm always happy to help.

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Moving to Saskatoon. Here are the 5 most asked questions i get about moving to Saskatoon or investing in Saskatoon. I am a local Realtor with EXP Realty and i love me city. I know you will love moving to and investing in Saskatoon.

1. Covid is a real concern and hopefully one day it wont be. Saskatoon is not a very dense city. There is lots of room to roam and distance here.

2. Traffic is almost non existent i Saskatoon. People moving to Saskatoon will be pleasantly surprised at how short it is to get from one area to another.

3. Crime. Moving to Saskatoon is very safe. We deal with the same petty crime all cities deal with but you can virtually go anywhere at anytime and be very safe.

4. Housing or investing. Saskatoon real estate is quite affordable relatively speaking than most if not all other major center. Moving to Saskatoon will se your money go a lot farther. Also rents are really strong so investing in our market is a smart move.

5. The weather. Yes its cold. But trust me you wont die!


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Investing in Saskatoon real estate might be the smartest investment you can make for 3 reason.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada is a phenomenal city. It has a down to earth vibe full of great people. We have lots of outdoor activities for all 4 seasons. Its a young city with a vibrant population. We are surrounded by many smaller towns and Saskatoon is the economic engine of our province.

1. Demographics. As mentioned Saskatoon has a young demographic. Saskatoon is also very entrepreneurial. When you combine those 2 things investing in Saskatoon makes more sense. Younger people are focused on their careers and being mobile than settling down.

2. University city. We have a very large university that bring renters in from all over the world for long periods of time. We also have many trade and technical schools that provides lots of renters. Again, Saskatoon is the economic hub which also brings far more people to the city than leaving.

3. Investing in Saskatoon real estate also provides some of the best return on investment of any other major city in Canada.

Have questions...I have answer. Reach out.

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Selling Saskatoon real estate as a Saskatoon REALTOR can be stressful at the best of times. This home was listed in November. Just as the market slowed down. Then we had a Christmas. Then a cold and snowy January. Finally we got it sold…for full price.

The seller was second guessing me. He was second guessing himself. Did he make the right decision. It was weeks of reassuring him he did. Those are all the behind the scenes issues we deal with when selling a saskatoon house. He’s now happy and so am I. I’m always happy to help.

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NFT’s will not be part of a real estate transaction anytime soon. Don’t get me wrong. NFT’s, crypto and the blockchain are powerful future tools but some things are not easy to change. 

3 Reasons why i believe this.

1. Governments. Governments are notoriously slow at adopting new and emerging technology.

2. Small town, Villages and Hamlets. Some of these places still want you to pay your tax bill by post dates cheque.

3. Old people lol. The buld or real estate sales in the next 20 years will happen with people currently in their 40'2-60's. Most have never heard of an NFT.

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If you googe Saskatoon's best REALTOR id like tho think my name would at least be in the conversation. I've said it before and i'll keep saying it. I only win when my clients win. My success is a direct result of theirs and your success.

Thank you for your continued trust in me. Scott

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The Saskatoon real estate market for February 1, 2022 is starting a little slow due to low inventory? 2 key stats show why now might be the time to have a discussion about when the best time to sell is. Call me!

1. Active inventory. We are at all time lows for listings on the market. Low supply means high demand. Buyers seem prepared to pay full price to secure the house they are looking for.

2. Buyer demand. Demand is high right now putting upwards pressure on pricing. However with low inventory buyers are choosing to wait to find the right house. If you have any questions for me i'm always happy to help.


PODCAST - Saskatoon Business Podcast

You can also call me at 1-306-230-1070 or email

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Happy new year, the holidays are over and I think we're all finally starting to figure out what day it is as we settle back into our normal routines. So let's kick off the first market minute of 2022 light and short. My name is scott ziegler. I'm a local realtor here in saskatoon and surrounding area.

I study the market stats and share them with you so that you don't have to, we're going to look at three indicators today as we forecast for the year, 2022 number one is low inventory or actually historically low inventory. So we know that's going to change as we head into spring with more houses coming on the market.

So if you're looking to sell the home in 2022 and you want to partner with a great agent that can walk you through that process, let's have that conversation so that you're set up to succeed as more product, more inventory comes on the market and there's less demand for your house. Number two is buyer demand.

Now, buyer demand is still strong, probably above average buyer demand for this time of year as we get headed in towards spring, there's going to be more active buyers in the market. So if you're thinking about buying a house in 2022 again, you want a great agent to guide you through that process.

Now would be the time to start thinking about preapprovals getting your ducks in a row because buyer demand is strong and will probably get even stronger as we head into the spring market and number three is interest rates. If the bank of canada goes ahead with the four interest rate hikes that they propose for this year, that's not good for buyers or for sellers.

Now, it remains to be seen if they do go ahead with it. But for now, interest rates are incredibly low. That's what's fueling the buyer demand and that's what's putting upward pressure on home prices. So if interest rates do climb throughout 2022 that will put some downward pressure on home prices that will tamper some of that buyer demand.

So again, if you're thinking about selling or buying, you might want to do something before those interest rates start to creep up. If you have any questions or concerns about the market or how I can help navigate you through that market, happy to have that conversation with you. And in fact, if there's anything in this world that I can do to serve you just reach out to me because as always, I'm just happy to help.

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Knowledge is power in Saskatoon real estate. i believe strongly in providing that value to those who follow me. So part of that is making and distributing content. Most of the content i produce is video and unflrtunatly to make 1 polished video ready to post takes many many takes. So please enjoy this short blooper role. I do it for you.

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Here are the 3 most expensive sasles in Saskatoon real estate and surrounding area for 2021. All three of these Saskatoon homes are beautiful. All 3 of these Saskatoon homes have unique features.

Cherry lane might be one of Saskatoons most prominant home you've never seen. Tucked away behind a gate and down along the river bank this massive home has some of Saskatoons best river views.

Saskatchewan cres is a beautiful walkout home backing the river. Sask cres is one, if not thee most prestegious streets in the city.

Lastly Wildwood drive in Riverside estates is a massive brand new home situated on 4 acres of land. What a amazing home.

Tell me...Which is your favourite?

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#3 producer in the entire province of Saskatchewan. Not just Saskatoon real estate. I cringe writing these posts because I don't want to come off bragging. What truly keeps my grounded in these situations is knowing I only win when my clients win. Saskatoon real estate is a 100% results driven business. I'm so thankful my clients get to also share in this with me. 

To those reading this doing your research on who to hire. My success is your success. Let me show you how... Thank you. Scott
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Saskatoon real estate has been busy this 2021. Its been busy by intention tho. Every single month i set goals for my business. I treat it like a business. I run it like a business. Ive hear people say your so lucky. Funny thing is, the harder i work the luckier i get. So it should come as no suprise that 2021 will go down as my best year in real estate yet. One simple reason...Goals.

Here is the best part. When i win...My clients win. You see this is a 100% results driven business. If you do not fullfil that task your client asked you to do, be it helping them buy a house or sell a house you and they get nothing. So i love hitting my goals for several reasons. it fills me up. Knowing my clients win as a result fires me up!

If you want to win with me reach out...I'm always happy to chat. Scott

If you have any questions for me i'm always happy to help.


PODCAST - Saskatoon Business Podcast

You can also call me at 1-306-230-1070 or email

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The Saskatoon real estate market for november 2021 continued to be strong. 3 key stats showing why your homes value may be at its peak.

1. Active listings. Active Saskatoon real estate listings are down. Way down. So inventory or competition is low for now. This iwll change in the spring with new competition.

2. Sales. Saskatoon residential sales were up and up as much as 30% over past years. So low inventory and strong demand. However upward pressure on interest rates will slow demand and reduce borrowers purchasing power

3. Interest rates. Rates are going up. Everytime rates go up, the value of your house goes down.

If you have any questions for me i'm always happy to help. LETS CONNECT!

PODCAST - Saskatoon Business Podcast

You can also call me at 1-306-230-1070 or email

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In Saskatoon real estate whether I'm meeting clients in person or virtually I'm always happy to meet them where they are at. I much prefer to meet people in person. When it's convenient for them to do a virtual presentation I'm happy to accommodate them. I want my clients to know but I'm happy to help them at every stage regardless of where they are in the process. 

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We start Open House The Saskatoon business podcast with a 3 part mini series. It's the Past, Present and Future. This is a 3 minute excerpt from the episode. You can find the full episode here.

Our second guest is an entrepreneur and owner of several Remax franchises in the province of Saskatchewan and 3 on Vancouver island. He has 190 Realtors under his umbrella and knows how to run a successful business. On the second episode of Open House - Saskatoon business podcast our guest Larry Stewart tells us how the #1 real estate company in the world got its start. The meaning behind Re/Max. In the present he updates us on the strategies the company is using to stay competitive in a changing real estate landscape. Locally he breaks down how Remax Saskatoon has gone all in on technology to better their agents in the marketplace. Larry outlines the future of the remax brand by showcasing the good they do in the community. To date the local Saskatoon franchise has raised over $1,000,000 for the Jim Pattison children's hospital.

The second half of the interview we dive deeper into what Larry thanks makes a good business leader. We also discuss entrepreneurship and business development. We discuss what Larry thinks is the definition of a successful business and what a business owner and especially a Saskatoon real estate agent must do to remain successful. He addresses his own weaknesses as a business leader and gives us some strategies he's used to over come those weaknesses. Larry outlines his strengths as a business owner with 190+ employees. Something we can all use in our daily lives.

Finally Larry delivers a crucial piece of advice that every entrepreneur and business owner or business leader can use and implement immediately to better their business. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan is an amazing city with an epic business culture and i'm glad you are here.

Please Leave us a 5 star rating and consider subscribing for more great business insights and all the great things happening in and around Saskatoon. Please head over to our website and visit the podcast page.

If you want to see any of the Saskatoon business podcast guests in person please head over to the Youtube channel and navigate to the podcast playlist. Our host Scott Ziegler with Remax Saskatoon has nearly 15 years of experience as a Saskatoon Real Estate agent. He's successfully ran his real estate business while also being a successful real estate investor investing in cash flowing rental properties. If you have any questions about the Saskatoon real estate market, business mentorship or real estate investing please contact Scott as he's always happy to help!

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Below is a comprehensive list of all the government links to programs to help in this time of economic uncertainty. The only thing i can do is to try and serve those who have entrusted me in the past. If these links do not apply to you perhaps you know someone who is suffering through this and could benefit from these. I say it all the time but now more than ever...If there is anything in this world i can do to serve you, i'm more than happy to help!

From federal programs;
for individuals,
self employed
laid off workers
Provincial programs;
for utilities,
income tax,
student loans
Municipal programs;
Property taxes,
parking enforcement. 
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